• Ryoba sav / Ryoba saw
  • Ryoba sav / Ryoba saw

Ryoba sav / Ryoba saw

269,00 DKK

The Ryoba is a saw for deep cuts both crosscut and ripcut. Picture: Dividing a 2 cm thick and 80 cm long board with a ryoba. This was finished within a few minutes.

A fast, sturdy universal saw - ideal for deep cuts both across and with the grain - in the workshop or building site. The saw can be taken apart in one movement - great for small toolbags. Made by BAKUMA. It is not recommended to use different sizes of blades in one handle. Different blade thickness attracts different blade holder! The saw with the 300 mm-blade is the best for the large pieces of wood! The saw with blade length 250 mm is our most sold saw. The saw with 265 mm long blade is the standard size in Japan. With impulse hardened teeth!

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Design: Bakuma

Mål: 250 mm.

Lagerstatus: 6 stk

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