• Kunz Plus 12.3  No. #3 Smothing plane

Kunz Plus 12.3 No. #3 Smothing plane

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Universal plane which, thanks to its long sole and extra weight, can also be used for trueing instead of a jointer plane.
These planes from the Kunz series "Kunz plus" impress with their precise technology and use of top-quality materials such as domestic cherry wood. The blade is adjusted (lateral and depth) by only one screw, a technique that was first developed with the legendary Norris planes. Kunz uses the cap-iron screw as a connection for all adjustments. These planes are very handy due to the low front knob and the low construction. The short, 3.5 mm thick iron gives additional space at the rear handle. Precisely ground bodies made from annealed cast iron. Cutting angle 45°.
Kunz Planes
Kunz is known for its solid planes of wear-resistant grey cast iron with fine-ground soles and good value for money. The standard tool-steel blades are hardened to approx. 62 HRC. For planing extremely hard woods, durable HSS blades (approx. 65 HRC) are available as accessories. Their green surfaces make the Kunz planes, made in Germany, unique.

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